PenFed Credit Card

The PenFed Credit Card seems to be like a little slice of heaven that we would have never thought we'd be able to see or write about. This card is so amazing that it really seems that it would be a shame if anyone would have anything bad or indifferent to say about it. We can hardly believe that we are seeing a card that has so many great features that we really are having a hard time holding back on telling you all the juicy details. What we are going to do is just break down all the great features regarding the PenFed Credit Card.

Check out the features listed here:


There really isn't an annual fee.

This is always a great thing to see when a card will not have its consumers worried about how much they are going to have to pay every year on top of everything they are already paying.

The interest rate is super low for the PenFed Credit Card.

They start you off with a 7.49% that is actually for 3 years! That has to be one of the longest introductory periods we have seen. After that, you will still have an incredible low rate of just 9.99%. What other card product out there can really beat that?

When it comes to balance transfers, you have only a few months at their intro rate.

Their intro rate at this time is 4.99% and is only good through the end of 2013. After that time the rate is expected to go back to the other low rate of 9.99%. You really just can't lose if you try with the PenFed Credit Card. It seems that they really have all of their bases covered when it comes to taking care of their consumers desires to the highest level of satisfaction.

There are NO fees.

Yes, that's right NO fees! We can hardly believe it either. They won't charge you for being late, for balance transfers, for cash advances, NOTHING. Although we are so very amazed at this part of their offering, we have to also realize that this must be an incredibly hard card option to get approved for. This part of their offering is definitely unlike any other card offering we have experienced on the internet and it likely doesn't exist anywhere else.

They don't have a penalty APR.

As with most any type of card there is, you will always be able to find that I you are late, they will be ready to start charging some crazy APR that's usually something close to 30%. Well, with the PenFed Credit Card you will not have to worry about that. They seem to really have absolutely no plans to penalize their customers for any reason whatsoever.


Could you believe that we did happen to find a couple of complaints on this card? We suppose that you really just can't please everyone. Some have complained wondering why there are no rewards with this card. Others have complained saying why isn't the intro rating even smaller. We say if you are very fortunate to be one of the PenFed credit union members or anyone who is qualified to apply for this card and actually get approved. You will have the best card on the planet when it comes to having the PenFed Credit Card. Who really needs rewards when you have a card that is saving you so much more on just fees and APR's anyway?